Sunnyside Art Studio greeting cards are designed by Diane Dulken, a Portland, Oregon artist, conservationist and publicist committed to delightful design and eco-friendly practices. Diane Dulken in studio painting watercolor greeting cards

All cards are designed by Diane from her artwork and printed on acid-free, 100% post-consumer recycled paper produced by wind power.

They’re delivered by bicycle to stores and customers in Portland and by US Postal Service everywhere else.

Founded in late 2011, Sunnyside Art Studio cards may be found in a variety of stationery and gift stores, bookstores, flower shops and more. Enjoy!

Find out more about the Sunnyside Art Studio story below.

Our Story, Our Community

Sunnyside Art Studio gets its name from the neighborhood Diane lives in and more importantly, the school where she volunteers as an art education assistant. Sunnyside School Harvest Faire

Both have inspired her art and led to the note cards you enjoy here. A life long artist, Diane also dabbles in  life drawing. Then working with children led to a dramatic shift in color palette and form.

As another way to give, each year Diane participates in Sunnyside Environmental School’s Harvest Faire sale, and a portion of all cards sales from the faire are donated to the school’s art program.

If you have a school or community benefit that you’d like me to participate in, please do contact me.